Wednesday, 8 August 2018

DF1 > DF2 Rewards and Name Reservations are live!

Please follow these steps to reserve your username, clan name (if you own one) and claim your DF2 rewards:
  1. Go to and login to your DF1 account

  2. Put any items you wish to claim (VC, WC, Dusk etc) into your inventory. Items in storage or trading won't count.

  3. Go to the following link:

  4. Read all of the information on screen and then enter your main email address (the one you plan to use with DF2) into the two boxes and click submit.

    NOTE: Once you have entered an email, you cannot change it. Make sure you get it right the first time!

  5. You should then receive a confirmation of your name reservation(s) and DF2 rewards.

  6. If you have any other DF1 accounts, return to step 1 and repeat. You can apply rewards from multiple accounts to a single email address.

  7. When DF2 launches, create an account with the same email address and complete the
    confirmation process. Once that is done, log out and back in again, and you should then have access to your credits and cosmetic rewards. In addition, only you will be able to make a character or a clan with the reserved names.

  8. Enjoy all your free stuff!


  • Once you have linked a DF1 account to an email, you cannot link it to any other email.

  • You can claim rewards multiple times. So for example you can claim at level 200, then claim again at level 325 and get the extra rewards.

  • Multiple DF1 accounts can be linked to the same email.

  • The email you choose does NOT have to be the same as the email entered for that DF1 account.

  • Wraith Cannons and Gau-19s (non unlimited ammo versions) will get permanently marked once they have been claimed. That means they cannot be claimed again.

  • The name that gets reserved is your DF1 username (not the character name, which is not unique).

  • Reserving a name does not mean that you *have* to use it in DF2.


  1. If you delete your old items and get new ones, will your new rewards stack with your old rewards?

  2. Just did my 6 accounts with no issues!

  3. Does it have to be the same username to be able to claim or same email??? Cause i wanna change my username my ign on df2

    1. No, ahi claramente dice que no debe ser el mismo correo, pero si el mismo nombre de usuario (ojo, de usuario, no de personaje, el de personaje cambiara)

  4. I get this message when I click on your link, can anyone help?

    An Error Has Occurred!
    Unable to verify referring url. Please go back and try again.

  5. So everything that we put in out inventory, we can claim in DF2???

  6. what about our banned accounts? you said u werent carrying bans to df2, but we cant log in to reserve and get rewards

  7. Hey Neil First off Thanks for your Incredible Insight with this Project "DeadFrontier" Making huge milestones everything from the missions, Item's ext.... which brings me to something you said everthing in your "inventory" it includes backpack to correct also credits & implants 9999 ammo EXP,Speed,Damage 24 hour boosts also what's going with the Bank that's transferring to right sorry Thank's for your time and for your new project "Deadfrontier 2" I'm Sending all the best.

  8. i guess this is only for credit purchased items ? cuz i have a dual blade that i really love xD