Friday 4 October 2019

Dead Frontier: Still Alive

PLEASE NOTE: This game is not being developed by Neil (AdminPwn) so it will not take attention/time away from Dead Frontier 1 & 2 development :)

We’re excited to announce the development of Dead Frontier: Still Alive—a standalone cooperative multiplayer game set within the Dead Frontier 2D (DF2D) era coming to Steam.

Aiming to replicate the experiences of the original DF2D gameplay, there will be a matchmaking system from which to choose various game modes. The overall feel is Dead Frontier Night series meets SAS: Zombie Assault.

Basic Gameplay Overview

Dead Frontier: Still Alive leans into the series’ action-horror elements.
Each match should last anywhere from 10 to 30 minute, but this may vary depending on the mode and the settings you choose. You can play with up to 5 other people (6 total) in any of these modes just like in DF2D.

Kill to your heart’s content
Infected will appear in much greater quantities than originally found in DF2D. The amount varies, but there will be enough to keep up a nice pace and fulfill all of your zombie slaughtering fantasies.

Loot for goods
Scavenge for supplies and equipment by looting objects in certain game modes. They will reward clusters of ammunition, medicine, barricades, other low tier items, and temporary equipment you cannot purchase.

Make big equipment upgrades using the marketplace
The items within here have preset values for buying and selling rather than being player run. You can also mastercraft or godcraft items, repair armour, etc. We're staying true to the Dead Frontier 2D era and limiting items to what existed then (2008-2009). All of the classics will be making a return and will be just as powerful as they were then.

Seamless transition between exterior and interior areas
Maps are seamless areas when it comes to interiors and exteriors if they contain both. So after the initial loading, there are no further load screens or fades. This means barricading doesn’t grant access to temporary outposts, but act as a temporary barrier to steer away and hold back infected until it’s broken. The size of each map varies, but on average is about the same as one or two blocks in DF2D’s Inner City.


Progression will mostly happen within matches rather than in the MMO-style. With that said, it works the same way as with what you're familiar with. You choose your pre-outbreak profession that grants advantageous passive bonuses. You kill zeds to gain experience; doing that enough will net you a level up. From there you can allocate points into both stat and weapon proficiencies of your choice.

Long term progressions outside of matches will unlock higher-end equipment, professions, maps, mutators (modifies existing game rules for a change of pace), difficulties, and more challenging game modes. Now for the cherry on top, we will also be integrating Steam leaderboards and achievements.

Remastered Visuals and Sound

Thanks to using a game engine over Flash, plus other advancements in graphics rendering, we're remastering the game's visuals giving it major a face-lift. This includes eye-candy such as real-time lighting, shaders that create a unique 2.5D look, and added detail to effects like gore. 

There will also be improvements to the sound elements. For example, satisfying reverb to weapon firing sound effects while indoors that reflects the size of the area. More excitingly, all of the old soundtracks you know and love will also be getting remastered.

This project is still in active development and an ETA hasn't been settled on just yet. With that said, you can follow our progress in the Official Dead Frontier Discord server. There's a dedicated category for the game there titled DF: Still Alive. Stop by and say hi, ask any questions you have, and share your ideas. :)