Friday, 6 July 2018

Official Trailer, New Screenshots and More

Offical Trailer Released
I'm happy to report that the trailer for Dead Frontier 2 is now complete and can be seen here:

Hope you like it!

Development News
To be perfectly honest there hasn't been a whole lot more to report from the past month or so. I've basically had my head down, fixing bugs and polishing like crazy for the last few weeks. It's not very exciting, but it's very necessary!

I still have a few features left to complete for the EA release, but these are all non-essential items to the core gameplay, such as payments, support system, DF1 reward system, name reservation, achievements etc. Therefore I intend to start closed alpha testing without these implemented. This should be in just a few days time, and I plan to start contacting people tomorrow. 

Overall I think the game is shaping up REALLY nicely, and I'm now pretty confident that most of you will like it (if not love it) =D

Marketing Time
Originally I had planned that by now the EA version of the game would be totally finished, and I'd be able to focus 100% of my attention on to marketing and hyping up the game. Unfortunately I still have a fair bit left to do including: last minute features, bug fixes, balancing & responding to alpha testing feedback. This means that my marketing efforts are going to take a bit of a hit. I'll still do my best, but it's not quite the ideal situation.

Luckily there is something you guys can do to help. There are a lot of places on the internet with people who might be interested in DF2, such as discords, sub-reddits, forums etc. Unfortunately it's normally not allowed for developers to self-promote in these locations, but in most cases fans posting about upcoming games is fine as long as they are real members of that community (not just dropping in to post a link).

If just 10% of you posted the DF2 trailer link in one location each, that would probably result in a huge number of new Steam wishlists, and would get us over that 50k threshold in no time at all. And as I promised before, once we hit that target I'll post a full 20 minute long video of unedited gameplay footage (which should then boost wishlists 100k =D )

For the record I am not suggesting you all become a bunch of spammers. The last thing I want is for anyone to get into to trouble. So please make sure  that you only post in places where people might actually be interested in DF2 (places dedicated to gaming, zombies, horror etc), follow the rules of your community and (where necessary) get permission from the moderators first.

Thanks a ton in advance for any of you that do decide to do this. And remember sharing on facebook or even just telling your friends directly about the game will also be a massive help.

New Screenshots
In addition to the trailer I've also updated our screenshots and Steam page. 

If you haven't already, please do add DF2 to your Steam wishlist, that way you'll be notified the moment the game is launched:

Thanks for reading!


  1. The link for the trailer is wrong. Same error in the email that went out. Very excited for Hypnospace outlaw though ;)

  2. So stoked for the release! I have some friends waiting to play this as well.

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  4. If requirements change for the Alpha let me know :D I was pretty active in the discord helping people out with DF1 things. I also wouldn't mind testing things and looking out for errors/balance issues.

  5. I'm really looking forward to the launch, I'm Brazilian, and I've invited many friends and acquaintances to the game on steam ... I hope I'm lucky to get a key to play before the official launch date of the game! That way I'll make lives for the Brazilian crowd! ^^

  6. Can't wait to play it out!

  7. How many people can try the alpha version of DF2? And what chance do I have of being able to be selected, if I do not have the opportunity to be active in the discord?

    1. There is literally 10 to 20 people who are testing it according to Neil. Maybe a few more.

  8. Still waiting for that 20 minutes of in-game footage!

  9. i do have a question. when it come to third person view, i do concern about walk into small and tight corridors. how will camera performed? in my opinion,its quite a hindrance for camera to move between tight wall especially if it a room full of stockpile and may either zoom to close or zooming in and out repeatedly just to perform a degree turn?

  10. oye admin donde estan las mochilas era genial tener las mochilas

  11. heeeellooo i want to know if the rewards from df1 to df2 still after the launch of df2

  12. HI...I cant buy credits from Steam all set to it but dont work

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  15. I just read the whole thing and I concur, loading screen are very nice (got a hardcore pc if i can say so) rarely saw a game so well optimized for a 4gb vram card so congrats on that, and yes it does have a resident evil/silent hill vibe that I like, hope that when it's open world there's still gonna be loading screens in buildings at least

  16. Hello my name is Alessandro and 'm from Italy. Congratulations for your games. Are awesome. I have a small dream. I'm creative and i love to write tales and long story. It's possible to speak with you or to do a collaboration? My contacts are mail: [email protected] or my code on Steam: 103563605
    For me it would be great ;)
    I hope to see you soon ;)