Sunday, 18 February 2018

DF2 Gameplay Video, Steam Page & Release News

Steam Page
I'm pleased to report that our Steam page is now live:

The main reason we've done this early is that it's important for us to get a lot of follows & wishlists on Steam, as this helps to make the game more popular once it's released. So if you could log into your Steam account, view the above link and then click "Add to wishlist" that would be really helpful. It's probably a good idea to do this even if you are already signed up to the mailing list, or are following us on social media, because unfortunately there is no guarantee you'll always see our news (due to spam filters etc). The Steam system is much more reliable at reaching players.

Gameplay Video
As a requirement for making our Steam page live I had to post a game-play video, so I've made a very quick sneak peek. Hopefully this will give you guys some idea of how the final game will look and feel. As always though please remember this is not final, and I do expect that the actual game will be even better than this:

Release Date Change
If you remember last month I asked the community about the best course of action going forward. I was slipping behind schedule and the April 2018 release date started to look a little hard to hit. I got an overwhelming response, and by far the most popular option was to delay the release and try to have a much more complete game on launch. So that's exactly what I'm doing.

The new target date is Summer 2018, ideally July. That should give me plenty of time to complete all the core mechanics. I apologise to all those who were really looking forward to playing in April, but I really think that waiting a bit longer will be well worth it in the long run.

Progress Report
Since the last post I've made a lot of improvements to the game. Combat, especially melee is feeling much nicer and I've added a lot of active abilities such as dodging, kicking, sneaking etc. In terms of features the missions, boss & NPC systems are now complete. I've also pretty much finished the UI and menu designs.

It was actually quite a relief to know that you guys weren't going to rage about a delayed release, and as a result I'm no longer "rushing" which I feel has meant that the quality of my work has improved.

If you'd like to stay up to date with DF2 developments, please sign up to the mailing list, like/follow/subscribe/wishlist us on social media (especially Steam!). All those lovely links can be found here: :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Admin, i just wanna say ive been playing this game for ages, and am really excited to see where DF2 is going to go. i wish you nothing but the best, i know your games going to fun as hell!

  2. I'm glad you don't feel pressured, and I am very.. VERY! Excited to be able to play DF2. I have been here since early 2010 and I was so happy to hear that DF2 will be released on steam. More people will get the chance to see how fun dead frontier really is. :)

  3. Amazing! I don't mind a small delay at all! I look forward to your work, and i will enjoying every detail you add to it! The only thing you have to do now to make up though for the pushing back is to keep us updated ;D and give us juicy juicy screen shots and videos! ;3 hahaha
    But, overall, keep up the great work Neil!


  4. Try to create a trello page and show us the road map if u want :D

  5. Mr. Yates, I've been playing Dead Frontier since it was in 2D. Let me say that I'm amazed at what you've done. I remember back in high school all my friends and I played DF and we had a ball. And that was in 2D! We would schedule days and times when we would play together and play for hours and hours. I significantly remember logging out when we got overwhelmed so we could log back in later when our other friends could rescue us so we didn't have to die. I'm absolutely astonished at what you've done with Dead Frontier since then. I've watched your game grow and improve over and over again. I honestly can't wait to see what you've come up with this time. Anyone remember what outpost attacks looked like back in the day? I sure do, it always made me laugh when a low level would join our little room, hit 100% over a few seconds, then leave and just by chance rejoin our room over and over again. Miss the good old days sometimes. Thanks for all your hard work Neil. To some of us it's more than a game. It's part of our childhood. Keep up the hard work!

  6. Looks great! I didn't expect to see any video so this is a pleasant surprise. A few questions have come to mind: How large are these inner city sections(assuming they are limited size)? Or do they generate as you explore, so they are basically continuous? If the former, are there walls/fences/obstacles to contain players like in DF1? If the latter, then how will multiplayer be handled when players go off in all different directions? Apologies if any of these have already been answered elsewhere.

  7. Hey, glad you kept player driven economy, but just to give you a quick advice, if the game player base goes wild, this kind of economy is really fragile, I've seen great games become unplayable due to botting and sites that sell currency. BTW: Looks Awesome.

  8. looks great, hope you do something about footstep noise, example; trainers won't make that noise on carpet floor, work boots will etc.

  9. Hope you won't ban me again for some bullshit

    p.s- i'd like to get unban on Dead Frontier 1

  10. To be honest I have never been more hyped for a game than this in a long while. I used to play df1 when I was in school back in 2014 but the long walks, grinding and the p2w strat killed my mood after reaching above lvl 50 but the game kept calling me back. Now after 4 years this news made me genuinely excited and made me login to my old account and play the game. And looking at the new gameplay, I would even stick out an arm and say it will be a game better than resident evil if capcom developed an mmorpg based game. Of course some of the game mechanics needs work like the head pop animation of the zeds and the recoil of the guns needs a tad bit of work which can be achieved easily. Also if you have the time please add some high res textures for the high end pc players. Thank you AdminPwn :)

  11. Is it possible to beta test?

  12. Is it possible to Beta test i would love to test out the game. I was a huge fan of dead frontier and dead frontier 2 was a fantasy of mine.

  13. If you could respond to this I would be grateful. I have a question pertaining the current state of the game you have shown us, as well as a question pertaining a written piece of information on the Dead Frontier 2 Steam page.
    Question 1: In the gameplay video, you are seen having to load into different room of a building you are already inside of. In Dead Frontier 1, the insides of the buildings always had their inner doors open, the only loading screens were offered through staircases and entering/exiting buildings. Considering you said "this is not final, and I do expect that the actual game will be even better than this," will this apply to removing the inner doors or are these loading screen necessary?
    Question 2: On the steam page for Dead Frontier 2, you have listed a key feature which could come off as confusing to many. This confusion revolves around the statement "Spending real money will never give you a gameplay advantage," and then saying "UTILITY UPGRADES are sold for real money." May you explain how utility upgrades will not be a pay-to-win factor?

  14. Hi Neil i got a question for you !

    How mutch players can follow us in game for CLAN WARS ?

    PVP is essencial to zombie game not every humain have fonctional brain !

    i mean if is happening in real life you not only have to fear zombie some humain too like Walking dead show to us with the Morgan.

    And i will like to say i can wait to play i will be there the first day promise to you Neil.

    Keep your mind on DEADFRONTIER 2 DO IT GREAT !!! And dont let nothing change your oppignion for me its about to be the greatesss zombie game !!!

  15. What a fabulous game indeed! I have played it after reading your blog and enjoyed it a lot. Do tell me about more games releasing soon Here.

  16. Also started playing DF back in 2D. I am thoroughly impressed with your improvements on DF over the years, and I admire your passion for the game. The teaser video gave me a Silent Hill/Resident Evil vibe -- of dread and horror. I'll be looking out for when this releases!

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